January 2022 Art Commission

Hey, everyone!

It's been a little while since we had one of these for you, but between scheduling and post-holidays food comas, art has been taking just a little bit longer than usual. Nothing to fret about, but we wanted to give you a heads up. Both the (last) December and (this) February are in progress, and they are both looking great - just, you know, not ready.

But you are not here for status updates, you are here for witty commentary and pretty art, and this post is going to deliver at least one of those! This cute-beyond-reason illustration of Rig and FM comes to you from an artist you are going to be familiar with of you've ever visited a Cytoverse page on the wiki - Jill Andersen. She juggled grueling work (animating things for the MCU, no big deal) to deliver this to us, and deliver she did! Go give her some love on Instagram and tell her how fantastic she (and her work) is. 

A boy and a girl are sitting on the floor of an industrial-looking room with a beautiful view of outer space visible through a large window behind them. Both are dressed in military uniforms. The girl, FM, has shoulder-length blond hair and is laughing in joy; her uniform is slightly better tailored and fashionable. The boy, Rig, is a redhead with short hair, his uniform more casual. They are having a bit of a date feeding caviar to some taynix slugs of different colors and sizes; some of the slugs are resting comfortably over them like pets, but most are in large boxes off to the sides. An MP3 player is visible in the background, playing a track they both enjoy.


User Feedback

#1 Taln Fan


:wub: Fantastic piece, love the sluggos. Also Fig is adorable. 


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