Diceborn: Episode 8 - Daughter's Defiance, Father's Farewell

Welcome to Episode 8 of Diceborn!

This is Episode 8 of our Mistborn Adventure Game campaign. It's time to see where this fateful spa day leaves our little crew. Marelyn and Hallie both have unfinished business, will they get the justice they desire?


This is an Era 2 adventure that should hopefully scratch that Mistborn vibe until The Lost Metal comes out this November.

Giveaway this week is a copy of the Mistborn Adventure Game Rulebook! To enter, leave a comment down below on what you think we should call our little crew and be a subscriber. In two weeks, we'll announce the winner in the next episode!

Congratulations to Glorious Glorfindel, Jordan, Jesse Bloomfield and Cale Larson for winning last episodes giveaway!

We also have our Mistborn Dice offer code "17mbdice". Spend $20 or more at https://www.crafty-games.com/ and use that offer code to receive a free set of 10 allomantic dice. Code lasts as long as stocks do.


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