Dawnshard Coppermind Blitz

Dawnshard is HERE, and over on the Coppermind Wiki we are in crunch mode! The novella dropped at the end of last week, but only for those who backed the Way of Kings 10th Anniversary Kickstarter--so we have held off on allowing Dawnshard spoilers in the wiki until it is more widely available. That ends today, as most major ebook retailers now offer the book. Today, November 10th, a mere seven days before Rhythm of War arrives! Before the tidal wave of new Rhythm of War content engulfs us next week we are going to be doing everything we can to get Coppermind updated for Dawnshard, and we need your help! Veteran editors and newbies are all appreciated!

Thankfully, a large amount of Dawnshard work is really fairly simple! Though there's certainly a few articles that will require more extensive effort, we've got a long list of newly-created, bite-sized articles to fill in and many existing articles that only need a few small additions! If you've never had the satisfaction of updating a Coppermind article to completion, you've missed out. And we've got a whole buffet of them just waiting for you! You're going to feel like Chiri-Chiri in the Thaylen Gemstone Reserve!

Here's the plan:

We're kicking off a 7-Day Dawnshard Blitz, in which we'll be trying to knock out as many updates as possible. That will start today, Tuesday November 10th and conclude at the end of Monday November 16th, right before the Rhythm of War release at midnight EST. You can find the list of objectives here. Put your username in the "Claimbed By" column to claim it. We ask that people only claim one article at a time! When you're finished make a note in the "Complete?" column and move on to another objective!

Each objective has been assigned a point value based on how difficult we feel it will be. The goal for each article is to bring it fully to completion. Complete the objective and you get the full point value; partial credit will earn you one point. And the person with the most points at the end of the competition is the winner! The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive a one-time-only Chiri-Chiri Award to show off on their user page! And that's to say nothing of the self-satisfaction I can guarantee as well as the undying gratitude of countless Cosmere fans!

Never edited Coppermind before? No problem! It's not hard and we've got plenty of resource to get you started. The most important thing you can do is join our Discord server, where you can get personal help at all hours. From there we can also recommend several guides and examples that will get you started. Just let us know that you're new and we'll give you a warm welcome!

The competition begins NOW! Let's do this!

Edited by Jofwu


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