Around the Cosmere: SE, MBI, and Strategy RPs for April

Welcome back to Around the Cosmere, Sharders! This week, we’re updating you on Sanderson Elimination, Mistborn: The Inquisition, and the Strategy RPs. If you missed the intro, you can give it a read-through here, since it contains the rules and basics for each section. Without any further ado, let’s jump right in.

Sanderson Elimination

There’s been a fair bit happening on the elimination forum in the last month. We’ll start off with an update on the games mentioned last month.

Long Game 18 was the Kingkiller game set at the University. This game ended when two of the Students Namers killed the last Skindancer in a fury of wind, fire, and bone. And more fire. There were lots of skeletons and one of the Namers went insane. But the Students won and the University is back up and running, so that’s good.

Quick Fix 14 took place in Elendel with the Senate. This game lasted a little under 2 weeks and ended in a draw, when one of the players in the jail broke out and killed the last Constable in the octant, resulting in all of the living players being killed by Constables in the other octants and no one winning or losing. It’s the first game we’ve had end in a draw, so that’s interesting.

LG19, the twinborn game, is still running, but is highly likely to be over soon. It’s been running for about a month so far, and the Spiked in the game had some bad luck starting off, when a Coinshot killed one of their number on the first night (though they killed the Coinshot at the same time, so I guess that makes things even). As the game is still running, I’ll leave a more in-depth update on the more interesting goings-on for next month, when the game will certainly be over.

New Games

We’ve had two games start since the last update.

Mid-Range 13: Treachery in the Terris Peaks started about a week ago. The setting for the game is pre-Ascension, with a group of Terrismen and women travelling through the peaks with Alendi to reach the Well of Ascension. The eliminators are disloyal Terrismen/women following Kwaan, and trying to stop the group from reaching the Well. All players are Feruchemists and can store any metal they want, with metals causing a variety of effects, and allowing for a different action type when you tap particular metals. Players can be left behind or get stuck in rockslides and cut off from the main group. If you’d like to spectate, you can PM Elbereth or Twelfthrootoftwo to request access to the speculation doc.

Long Game 20: Warcamp Enigmas is a rerun of Long Game 5. It started just a few days ago. The setting is on Roshar, and the factions are the Nobles versus the Ghostbloods. There’s also a thief that belongs to neither faction but wants to steal all the items. With a variety of different attack, defense, and information-gathering items as well as roles, the game is quite a fun one. If you’d like to spectate that, PM Mailliw to get a link to the spec doc. Interesting tidbit: Maill has played or GMed almost every SE game since LG1, and this is the last game he’ll be able to GM before he leaves on an LDS mission this summer. He’s also a troll and I’m sure he’s distributed this game in a way to make it epic for both the players and the spectators.

Featured Game

The Featured Game for this month is Mid-Range 1: The Stormfather and the Nightwatcher - The Riots of Kholinar. Rubix was the GM. MR1 was the first faction game we played on the forum. It took place in Kholinar, with 3 different main factions: the Nobles, the Merchants, and the Darkeyes. Infiltrated amongst all 3 were the Seventeenth Shard, who were spying on two factions each. Highstorms hit every few cycles, causing the thread to be locked, since everyone was stuck indoors. Players could also visit the Nightwatcher, offering prayers to her in hopes that she would grant them what they asked for, in exchange for a trollish curse (if you’ve ever seen Rubix troll, you can imagine how bad these curses could be).

Aonar prayed for the ability to PM other players, and he was cursed with not being able to use the letters ERNSTL in his PMs. Gamma Fiend prayed for the a sword that would let him kill with laughter. He was granted the Awakened sword Slaughter (the S is silent) with his curse being a combination of charging the sword with the life of a teammate (he was a Seventeenth Sharder, so he had either his Seventeenth Shard teammates or the Merchants that he could choose from) in order to kill someone else, and he also had to start every sentence in any docs or the thread with an S. So amusing, it was, watching him struggle to start sentences with S’s.

Renegade and Ashiok were darkeyes and they were both upset about Aonar being a Seventeenth Sharder and trolling them in their doc. They each decided to take matters into their own hands by praying to the Nightwatcher, despite Renegade telling Ashiok not to do anything. Renegade prayed to turn Aonar into a Darkeyes. Ashiok prayed to have a Shardblade fall from the sky and slice through Aonar’s spine. Both prayers were granted. Aonar became a Darkeyes and was promptly killed by a Shardblade, making Ashiok’s curse that of having just killed a teammate. Renegade’s curse was that he just took Aonar’s place on the Seventeenth Shard (who then went on to win the game, so I’m not sure how much of a curse that was…).

Some other highlights from that game were Kasimir absorbing not only a lynch but also 4 kills before finally dying (and taking the aggro award for the game), Featherwriter protecting herself every turn until she decided to pray to the Nightwatcher at just the wrong time so Gamma killed her with Slaughter, and an epic RP battle between Alvron and Featherwriter (she’s an amazing RPer, as I’m sure anyone who’s read her writing knows).

All-in-all, it was a great game to watch and Slaughter now lives in infamy, spoken only in hushed whispers and veiled threats.

And that’s all for SE this month. Next up we’ve got Moru with MBI.

Mistborn: The Inquisition


Hello! I'm Moru, another one of MBI's staffers. Comatose asked me to step in and share another featured thread, house, and character for this month's spotlight. I know Comatose said he was going to shed some light on the thieving crews and skaa rebellion this month, but I'll let him explain those to you when he returns. I'm going to take you on another Great House adVenture this month. Last month we covered house Hasting, and some plots and politics involved. This month, I'll take you to another part of Luthadel for a quick look at another Great House.

Featured Thread

A thread that has a lot of Great House politicking and intrigue is According to Plan. This thread features nobles from three different Great Houses, but centers on tensions between House Venture and Elariel. In the beginning of the thread, Phyra Venture, one of Venture's Mistborn, goes rogue. She plans to kill Mikhail Elariel, the heir of House Elariel, because he spurned her affection and humiliated her along with Mikhail's cousin Aaron. Phyra is known for her short temper and her overreaction to many situations. Daerra Elariel, who starts off the thread, intimates that Mikhail will die and Phyra would be blamed, whether or not Phyra decided to attack. Daerra has many plans... but Mikhail is in the way. With Mikhail dead, her twin brother Aaron Elariel would be named heir and Daerra would be one step closer to ruling her house.

Lord Ellsworth Venture does not want to risk a permanent rivalry and possibly spark an all out House War with House Elariel. Elariel is known for its objectivity and its cultivated neutrality among the nobility. It's hard to make them angry, but it would be even harder to restore a working relationship with them if damaged in this way. As untouchable as Veture seems, it would not be a good move to get on the bad side of a house that has strong neutral ties to all of the rest of the Great Houses. It would make Venture seem like the common enemy to many houses that are already pitted against them. Ellsworth is visited by Camille Deveaux, who is a Mistborn. Ellsworth agrees to give Camille three beads of atium, a small fortune, so that Camille could prevent a House War with Elariel through whatever means necessary. She goes to head Phyra off at the pass, but Phyra has a big head start.

While all of this is happening, Magnus Venture, Lord Ellsworth's younger brother and Captain of the Guard, is in charge of the defense of Keep Venture. One of Venture's unfortunate messengers was tasked with bringing the news that Phyra left her room with the intent to hunt down Mikhail Elariel. Magnus' short temper gets the better of him, and the Pewterarm ruins yet another desk in his study. He orders the messenger to bring a new map of troop formations to someone on the keep walls, and also to get him a new desk. He is preparing for the worst, as usual, and goes immediately to Ellsworth for up to date information and then out to the battlements to check to make sure everything is secure, in case of an attack from Elariel.

Phyra Venture has enough of a head start to get to Mikhail Elariel and kill him before Camille can find her. When the two Mistborn meet, they fight. The outcome of this struggle has still not been determined on screen. The thread is ongoing, but whoever ends up the victor, the effects will be lasting for the relationships in all houses involved.

Featured House: House Venture

House Venture is perceived as near untouchable. Our story is set after they acquired the contract with the Steel Ministry for control of mining atium from the Pits of Hathsin (The very same influential contract that they still hold in the books). The current Lord Venture secured that contract, and Venture's vast wealth that came from it. They are at the top of the socioeconomic ladder in Luthadel. Currently, its strongest ally is Deveaux, but that is still a tentative alliance. The future of that alliance depends on Ellsworth striking a deal on a potential marriage between Venture heir, Nevan Venture and the Mistborn, Camille Deveaux.

Lord Ellsworth Venture was in his early twenties when he took his father's place as Lord Venture. His older brother was stricken from succession due to his recklessness and eventually left to join the ministry. Ellsworth was made heir, and then Lord Venture shortly after that. Within the next year, Denton Venture, Ellsworth's father, died of an illness. Ellsworth has made very difficult decisions to get the house to where it is. Ellsworth's second son is heir to the title Lord Venture. His first son wished to join the ministry and had no desire to lead Venture when Ellsworth was old enough to retire, while Nevan (the second son) was enthusiastic at the opportunity and took to it much easier than his older brother.

Keep Venture's Guard is maintained by Ellsworth's younger brother Magnus. Magnus is a hot-headed, but also a very honorable man. In his youth, he was outed as a Pewterarm in a duel, but has since gone on to win many dueling championships. There is a joke and persistent rumor among the nobles in Luthadel that every Venture is secretly a Pewterarm. There are three members of Venture that are known Pewterarms. All three of them very close to, or in the main line of Venture. Magnus was the first of these to be outed thirty years ago. Followed by his son, Broderick, and the heir, Nevan.

Featured Character: Daerra Elariel

Interestingly enough, Daerra Elariel, shown in the article image, touches many of the other young nobles lives. Daerra is 23 years old, unwed, and a Seeker. She is played by Comatose. Because her house is neutral with most of the other Great Houses, she is afforded the ability to talk to and make potential alliances and friends with members of Sureau on an equal playing field as she would talk to a member of Venture or Deveaux. These houses are bitter enemies with one another and normally, the social structures in Luthadel would prevent any Sureau to become friends or allies openly with a Venture and vice versa. With the addition of Daerra, a group would be more balanced, and members of those two houses could talk to one another, and perhaps even become friends. In situations like these, Daerra is very good at turning things to her advantage. Every time she and another noble speak, she is calculating how the conversation might help her later. She is very good at picking apart what other nobles say and coming up with a quick response that will not incriminate or point fingers, keeping in line with her House's neutral stance.

Daerra is full of plots, plans and schemes, the chief of which seems to be her desire for her twin brother to be heir to the title Lord Elariel. Hidden behind that are her true desires are to rule House Elariel herself, and she seems willing to sacrifice anything necessary to get there. The first step in that grand scheme was to get rid of her cousin Mikhail... or to get someone to do it for her. The next step is still left to be seen.

Thanks for letting me take you through some more Great House politics on MBI! Now back to Wilson.

Strategy RPs

Heirs to the Final Empire

Heirs was put on hold for the last month, so it hasn’t progressed at all, but now Turn 3 is in progress (I know, I said it had just started last month, but that was just before the game was put on hiatus). If you’d like to join the game, Generation 8 should be starting early-to-mid May, so either post in this thread or PM Wyrm and he’ll work out all the details with you.

Supremacy of Arelon

In the last month, another 12 kingdoms in Arelon have fallen or traded hands (some multiple times), and while only 2 more players have been wiped from the game, there’s enough turnover that it shows things are definitely getting interesting. Year 9 is about to start (at the time of writing this), and I’m positive we’re going to start seeing more players wiped from Arelon in the next few (in-game) years as the power solidify and the last few players go head-to-head in a fight to the end. Who will be eliminated next? Who will be the last man standing? Find out next month (or, you know, you can also follow along in the thread to find out while it’s happening. That’s cool too :P).

And that’s all for this update of Around the Cosmere. Thanks for reading, and join us next week to hear Feather talk more about the Tumblr side of things. Stay classy, Sharders.

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Renegade’s curse was that he just took Aonar’s place on the Seventeenth Shard (who then went on to win the game, so I’m not sure how much of a curse that was…).


Clearly because I was forced to betray and murder the teammates I loved so dearly... :P

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If only there were a couple more hours in the day :P


(LG4 doesn't count as a faction game? :P)

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(LG4 doesn't count as a faction game? :P)


It wasn't pure faction. It was faction within eliminator. MR1 at least started out as pure faction.

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It occurs to me that the docs (and spreadsheet) for MR1 were never released publicly, so if anyone wanted to check it out to see how it went, they wouldn't be able to see more than the barest tip of what happened. That game (more than most) relied primarily on docs instead of the thread for the gameplay because of its nature as a faction game.

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