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Around the Cosmere - 12/14


Greetings, Sharders, and welcome to another episode of Around the Cosmere: your one-stop weekly news source for all the latest happenings in the fandom community! This week, we have signings, giveaways, holiday sales, and more – so read on!

Weekly Updates and New Twitter Archive

First, Brandon has posted his Weekly Summary, so check that out for updates on this week's Writing Excuses, where to get signed copies of The Alloy of Law, and more! Peter has also compiled another Twitter summary, in which Brandon tweets about Magic, his progress on A Memory of Light, and some great holiday deals and giveaways – read on for those!

There's also a new chapter of Mythwalker up – Chapter 17, to be exact. Click here to read it.

Giveaways and Holiday Specials

InkWing Arts is having a giveaway – enter before December 16 for a chance to win! Three lucky winners will receive a free T-shirt of their choice. Click here to read about it and find out how to enter, and also how to get $10 off an order of two shirts!

For all you Wheel of Time fans, Ta'veren Tees is having what they call a “Twelve Tees of Christmas” special – each day features a new shirt on sale. Check it out!

Signing in West Orem

Brandon is having signings in West Orem, Utah on Thursday and Saturday. Click here for more information. If you plan on going, consider picking something off our Ultimate List of Questions for Brandon to ask – and then post a signing report so we can find out what you learned!

Alcatraz Wins Young Reader Award in Florida

Those of you who don't live in Florida probably haven't heard of this, but the Sunshine State Young Readers Award is a great program to encourage elementary and middle school students to read. According to their website,

The Sunshine State Young Reader's Award Program is a statewide reading motivation program for students in grades 3-8. The program, cosponsored by the School Library Media Services Office of the Department of Education and the Florida Association for Media in Education (FAME), began in 1983. The purpose of the SSYRA Program is to encourage students to read independently for personal satisfaction, based on interest rather than reading level.

Sunshine State books are selected for their wide appeal, literary value, varied genres, curriculum connections, and/or multicultural representation. Students are encouraged to read books that are above, on, and below their tested reading level in order to improve their reading fluency. . .

This reading motivation program was designed to entice students to read high interest, contemporary literature for personal enjoyment. The long term goal of the program is to nurture lifelong readers who will continue to read for information needs and personal pleasure; therefore, students do not have to complete an assignment or a test in order to prove that they have read the book.

I actually participated in this program myself when I was in 5th grade, and I absolutely loved it. And so it is with great excitement that I announce that Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians has made the 2011-2012 Sunshine State Young Reader's Award list! You can see the list for yourself right here. Congratulations, Brandon!

As a side note to all you parents who might be reading this, whether or not you live in Florida, I highly recommend checking out the Sunshine Readers, as we call them, if you're looking for books to recommend to your children.

Forum Highlights

Zas678 has posted a great transcription of the Alloy of Law Q&A session, including a video of the event itself. Check it out! We also have threads about Endowment's gender, Endowment's intent, and a debate about the knowledge of chromium and nicrosil in The Alloy of Law. Check them out, and let us know what you have to say on the matter.

Mistborn RP News

The influx of new members – and new characters from current members – is continuing on Mistborn: The Inquisition. There's a lot of great activity and new friends to meet, so if you were thinking of joining, now is a great time!

The Mistborn RP also now has its very own Twitter, as some of you have already seen. If you're interested in random RP quotes, tips on what not to name your character, and other insanity, check it out! You'll find Chaos, Comatose, and I tweeting all of those things and pretty much anything else RP-related we feel like doing.

Koloss Head-Munching Day!

And now for the biggest news of all: Koloss Head-Munching Day is approaching! For those of you who don't know, it's Brandon's birthday, December 19. When one fan asked him if there are any in-world holidays in Mistborn – are there, Brandon? The MBI folks would love to know! - he answered, jokingly, that they have Koloss Head-Munching Day. The fans ran with it, and now we have our very own international holiday. To celebrate, InkWing is having the abovementioned contest – and they're also looking for pictures! If you happen to have one of their Koloss Head-Munching Day T-shirts, take a picture of yourself wearing it and send it to <script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> . They'll post all the pictures on December 19 and even send them to Brandon! If you don't have a shirt but want to participate, you can always try ordering one, but I'd recommend asking if they can get it to you in time first.

If you're feeling generous, you could always take a look at Brandon's Amazon wishlist. Just pick out what you want to get him and check out; Amazon will take care of the rest!

That's the news for this week. Happy planet-hopping, and we'll see you 'round the Cosmere!


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