Words of Radiance Release Events

Words of Radiance is very much a real thing, and you can see how large it is on this lovely image of Brandon's agent, Joshua, being crushed by the mighty tome. If you didn't know, Words of Radiance is actually longer than A Memory of Light and previous reigning champion of doorstops, The Way of Kings. Words of Radiance is even better at clubbing your opponents unconscious*. And as we are getting closer to release, we now have information on the release events for the book.

(*17th Shard does not condone assaulting people with massive tomes.)

Brandon's blog today described all of the release event goodies, the first of which being the usual BYU Midnight Release, which will be at midnight, March 4th. A lot of the 17th Sharders will be attending and camping (ideally this time without blowing a circuit...), so come join us and have fun! We'll be Soulcasting up some Stormlight trivia questions, ranging from Easy to "The Stormfather Wouldn't Dare" difficulty. It'll be a blast!

For the midnight release, you should preorder the book, as BYU might run out. To do this, go to byubookstore.com and choose the shipping option, "Service Desk Pickup, 3rd Floor" so you will get it at the midnight release. Doing this will guarantee you get a copy. As usual, your number will correspond to who shows up in line first. They'll be handed out 7am on Monday, and then you will be free to leave and come back for the signing.

If you can't go to the midnight release, fear not! You can also order from Weller Book Works and they will ship a signed and numbered copy to you. Due to Words of Radiance's truly impressive (weapon-grade) size, shipping runs $13 for the US, and more expensive elsewhere. Did we mention it's a big book? It's a huge book. The ordering period is from February 7th to February 15th, so act fast. More details and pricing can be found on Brandon's blog post.

Lastly, you can get some "Glimpses of Radiance"--daily previews of the book, including sentences, paragraphs, epigraphs, and quotations--from Tor.com here, which will begin February 11th!

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Oh, no! Your poor agent! Quick, give me his address and I will rescue him from the crushing weight of that tome!

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I'm going to get that book. AND ASSAULT PEOPLE WITH THE MIGHTY TOME.


after all, that's what books are for!

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