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Weekly Roundup for October 25th, 2021: Tor Sweepstakes, ReDawn Releases Tomorrow, and A Few YouTube Videos


Not a lot new this week, but there's still some exciting things, such as a sweepstakes to celebrate the launch of Rhythm of War in paperback, and some fun previously-known things occurring such as the release of ReDawn (the second Skyward Flight novella) and a stream this weekend.

As always, starting with the writing updates: Defiant prewriting is at 80%. He still plans to finish the first draft of the novel by January first, but it may be a bit tight.

Additionally, Tor is running a sweepstakes to celebrate the paperback release of Rhythm of War. No purchase is necessary to enter, but you must live in the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec). The sweepstakes will run through November 8th (11:59PM ET), after which one winner will be picked to receive a Stormlight Archive satchel (made by BeastmanCaravan, whose page appears to be down unfortunately) and an amethyst Stormlight Archive D20 (made by RainbowShopCN).


In YouTube news, Brandon put out a behind-the-scenes video about the Mistborn playing cards, as well as another "Five Favorites" video (this time with Brandon Mull) and of course, the weekly episode of Intentionally Blank came out last Wednesday.

While that's about it for new things, this upcoming week also has a few big previously-announced things happening.

Firstly, ReDawn comes out tomorrow! The trailer for the novella (if it can be called that, long as it is) featuring clips from the audiobook can be found on YouTube, a preview of the eBook version is up on Kobo, and preorder links for both digital and audio formats are listed on the publisher's page.

Also, the fanmail stream is this Saturday, October 30th, at 3PM MDT. Brandon and his wife Emily will be dressed up in costumes and working through a lot of the fanmail they've been sent since they stopped having the segments in regular streams. (Questions will not be taken from chat, only from mail they open.) If the link is made available beforehand, as Adam sometimes does, this article will be updated with it, but if not, it'll be on Brandon's channels on various platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

The full video is on YouTube, as always, as well as embedded below:


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