Suvudu Cage Match: Moiraine vs. Kelsier

Suvudu Cage Matches are back in full force, though we haven't covered them extensively. But now, we are, in Round 4! Our beloved Kelsier is in this year, but the way the brackets are set up means that he fights of Moiraine, from the Wheel of Time.

While it's sad that we have to split ourselves between Cosmere and the Wheel of Time here, we get the best treat. Brandon wrote the write-up for their battle, and I'm literally dying laughing. Brandon said on Twitter that he didn't have time for an epic battle, but you should not be complaining for what you got. This is simply incredible. Thanks, Brandon, that was amazing.

Oh Kelsier, how I've missed you.

So go over to the Suvudu thread and vote for the best character! Er, I mean, vote for Kelsier.

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I think that was the best thing I've ever read. Seriously. I'm crying I was laughing so hard. So many little in-jokes and jabs at both fandoms. Brandon is amazing!

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That was the best write-up of the match so far. I had to vote for Kell, just for his smart-aleck sense of humor. Looks like Moraine's winning, though.

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:D Funniest thing I've read in some time. He broke the 4th wall so many times it almost needs a new term for this situation.


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