Stormlight Ebooks $3 Each Until November 5th

If you are looking for a new series to read, have you heard of this Brandon Sanderson guy? He writes some pretty great stuff. We're fans. Among his best and most popular is his Stormlight Archive series, and if you're in the US and Canada, you can get the first three books, The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, and Oathbringer for $2.99 a piece. This sale will end November 5th, but what a killer deal. 

Stormlight Archive books are long. If you read these first three, it'll be over a million words long. But you get rich characters, and rich worldbuilding. If you're interested, now's the absolute best time to grab these. 

In addition, a package of all three Stormlight books runs $7.18 on all retailers (such as Amazon and Google Play), which again, is absurd for the hours of entertainment you'll get from this. You'll spend less than a movie ticket, and you'll get some incredible books.

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These sort of sales are what got me started in the cosmere.  I was like, "Oh hey this book (tWoK) is really cheap on kindle....holy crap it has a lot of 5 star reviews."

Never looked back.  Probably because I can't, as my nose is now permanently shoved in a book.  No regrets.

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I have the trilogy from audible to save me from my hour plus commute, but there's nothing more intimate and focused than reading it yourself, so I bought the kindle trilogy for $7.18

The performers of the audible versions are excellent, but there's nothing like seeing how names are spelled and of course maps and pictures.

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doesn't the trilogy for $7.18 contain all 3 books in one giant file? If you get the other bundle for $8.97 i think they come in 3 separate files.

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