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Stormlight 2 is Officially "Words of Radiance"


The second book in the Stormlight Archive now officially has a title: Words of Radiance.. Tor revealed it earlier today and Brandon also has comments on his choice of the title, how it changed from his original choice, The Book of Endless Pages, and more, so click the link to check it out. In case you didn't know, book two has Shallan's flashback sequence.

Also of interest is the working title of book three--Szeth's book--as Stones Unhallowed, which might change, and book five--Dalinar's--The Highprince of War, which we have reported on before. However, Brandon says that title will most assuredly change.

You may also be interested to hear that Brandon revealed another Radiant Order: Lightweavers. For those of you really with it in the cosmere mythos, Lightweaving is a magic system shared between Roshar and Yolen (which we revealed a while ago in our interview with Brandon). Yolen is of particular interest because that is the world that Dragonsteel and the Liar of Partinel were set on, which deals with Hoid's origin story. In fact, it's also been theorized that Hoid may use Lightweaving, an illusion magic.

What do you think of the title?

Check out our discussion here!


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