Secret Project Announced: Magic: The Gathering Novella

With Koloss Head-Munching Day still a week away, many of us were managing our hype so it reaches its peak on December 19 when Brandon writes his State of Sanderson annual blog. This year, however, we get an extra present - the reveal of the much-discussed "Secret Project" that popped up on Brandon's progress bars a while back. Well, wonder no longer, as io9 has published an exclusive - and Secret Project is now officially Magic: Children of the Nameless, a Magic: The Gathering novella Brandon wrote for Wizards of the Coast!

Here's the synposis io9 revealed:


Since the day she was born, Tacenda has been both blessed and cursed. Blessed by a powerful protection spell of unknown origin, she has warded her family and friends against any number of horrors over her 15 years. Cursed because the horrors which visit her small Kessig village are both numerous and frequent. Then, one night, for no reason she can fathom, her sacred song of protection fails. Seeking revenge on the man she believes responsible for the failure and the consequent destruction of everything she loves, she breaks into the manor of the local lord, a known consorter with demons. There she discovers the beginnings of an even greater mystery… starting with the fact the Lord of the Manor is anything but local…

But this is not the only treat io9 is treating us to. In their article there is a seven-question interview with Brandon about the novella, as well as - in true Brandon fashion - the entire first chapter of the novella!

And this is still not all, folks! On top of everything else, Children of the Nameless will be released for free tomorrow, December 12! I don't even know how to emphasize all of these things, and my exclamation marks are starting to get out of control so I'll stop here!

But what do you think about this? Are you one of the many people who play Magic and for whom this is the lovechild of two of your favorite things in the world? Or are you just a Brandon guy - in which case, do you think this will stand up to Brandon's other non-Cosmere stories? Let us know in the comments!

EDIT: The story is now up, you can download it here!

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User Feedback

On 12.12.2018 at 10:47 PM, Argent said:

I don't know, still seems fine to me. You can also get to it by going to and navigating to the Story page linked in the top bar.

The link worked for me - after some meddling with language settings in my firefox browser. Problem at first was, that preferences switched to German page version for me - where the story obviously is not linked. After switching language preferences to en-us first, en second and de third, the link worked.

This problem might also accur with other browsers and languages, so inspecting your language settings might help to fix problems with the link.

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Definately want this on paper.  Been wanting to read all the MTG books, but they are so expensive, and the only place I can buy from online is amazon for personal reasons.

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