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News Roundup: Dawnshard Drafts Out, Skyward 3 Sample, Sixth Sequel Reading, and Tons of YouTube Content


Well, it's sure been a ludicrously busy week with Rhythm of War's release, hasn't it? Let's get to the news that we didn't get to this week. There was the release livestream, a new newsletter, more Dawnshard stuff from the Kickstarter, and so so many YouTube videos!

Dawnshard Drafts and Beta Comments

If you backed the Way of Kings Leatherbound Kickstarter, one of your perks is that you will get all the Dawnshard drafts, and the beta comment spreadsheet. Well, if you head on over to BackerKit, you can download those now! You will also get a Dawnshard Revision Notes document, with comments from Brandon about the revision process. I found them super interesting, and hopefully you do as well.

Skyward 3 Sample in Newsletter

This went under a lot of people's radar, but on Tuesday's release of Rhythm of War, Brandon sent out a newsletter as well. It had a snippet from Skyward 3, which is what he's working on now. It's a pretty interesting section, too! You can sign up for his newsletter here, and once you're signed up, it should send out the most recent one. You can discuss this Skyward 3 sample in our forum topic!

Sixth of the Dusk Sequel Reading

There's been just a little bit of YouTube content over this last week. First up is the release party, which ended up being tweeted out to everyone due to website issues. He read from a variety of stories across his career, and it's worth a watch. In the last twenty-five minutes, though, he read from the Sixth of the Dusk sequel which he's been writing off and on for a while. This is set in the far space age of the cosmere, and uh... well, if you don't want to get spoiled about things in it, maybe don't watch this. But for those of you who do:

Here's the transcription of the thing, and here's our forum topic on it if you want to discuss this! Of course, the rest of the release party is pretty cool too.

So Much YouTube Content from Brandon

There's even more YouTube content from Brandon over this last week. There was a discussion with Michael Whelan, the cover artist for the US covers of Stormlight:

There was a conversation with Brandon and his editorial team on the process of Rhythm of War:

Then there was also an interview with Ben McSweeney, who did art in Rhythm of War as well as all the other Stormlight stuff:

Other Stuff

On Friday, Howard Lyon did a blog post on the Art of Rhythm of War. It goes in depth talking about the endpages and lots of its interior art. Take a look!

Finally, Invicta History did a pretty cool video that's an intro to Roshar: 

That's it for now! 

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Wow! That last video by Invicta History is amazing! That would be such a good way to introduce the books to some of my friends...

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