News Roundup: April Brandon Weekly Updates, Lost Metal News

We've got another news roundup, with some news on Brandon’s writing progress on Skyward 3 as well as The Lost Metal, the fulfillment of The Way of Kings Kickstarter, and future publications of Brandon’s works in other formats. A lot of this info comes from Brandon’s four most recent weekly updates (see his Youtube to watch them). Brandon also participated in another spoiler free livestream. You can check out the recording of the stream here, and our summaries of a few of the questions asked on Arcanum. It looks like the next spoilery livestream is tentatively scheduled for June, with regular non-spoiler streams taking place the first week every month going forward. For even more detail on the new info from these weekly updates, read on below!

Brandon writing progress and other project updates:

  • Fourth and fifth drafts of Skyward 3 were completed since last update, the book has been turned into the publisher as of March 31, with an anticipated release date sometime in November. Release date, cover, and title reveal are coming as the marketing team decides to release them.
  • The Lost Metal (Wax and Wayne #4) prewriting began on April 1, with Brandon spending two weeks trying to make sure the character, setting, and plot all worked out well and made sense within the logic of the cosmere and his goals for Scadrial.
  • Writing has begun on The Lost Metal, progress bar is currently sitting at 3%.  General plan is 3-4 months of writing, followed by 3-4 months of revision.
  • Brandon has been working on some unspecified videogame related stuff that he cannot announce at this time. He’s teased this a bit in livestreams before, but we have no details. Videogame projects have fallen apart before, so don’t hold your breath here.

Store and Kickstarter updates:

  • New shirts up on the store with the simplified/space-age Roshar symbol
  • New socks in the store - Journey before Destination and Bridge Four socks
  • Way of Kings Prime and Dawnshard hardcovers are in the process of shipping to backers in the US
  • Kickstarter challenge coins have arrived
    • Unclear if the coins will go up for sale to non-backers eventually; they are focused on getting them out to backers ASAP
  • Kickstarter playing cards have been shipped to Dragonsteel, they are final piece of swag that has not yet arrived
    • Swag packs start shipping later this month or early next month
  • International backers should anticipate receiving their Way of Kings Prime/Dawnshard with their swag pack to reduce shipping costs.

Future publishing updates:

  • Pocket-sized Stormlight UK hardcovers without dust jackets are coming (Similar to pocket-sized Mistborn editions that already exist)
    • The covers will have a watermark of the Double Eye symbol on the cover and be published with each book in two volumes (TWoK part 1 & part 2, etc)
    • These editions will be sold in at least UK, mainland Europe, and Australia, not sure about other markets
  • Dragonsteel will likely go forward with a small edition of Mistborn Secret History (in the style of the small Edgedancer/Dawnshard hardcovers)
    • You can now buy the Mistborn: Secret History ebook as a stand-alone on Amazon, if you are only interested in Scadrial stories or don’t already own Arcanum Unbounded
  • Dawnshard audiobook should be released sometime this summer
    • It has already been recorded with Kate Reading voicing Rysn and Michael Kramer voicing Lopen 
    • The publisher is currently uncertain; they’re looking for the right distribution place

That’s all the updates for now, keep an eye on the main page and we’ll keep you up to date with all the future news about Starsight 3, The Lost Metal, and anything else noteworthy Brandon is up to!

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Use the Falchion


I know many people want it to be a Mistborn or Stormlight videogame, and here I am, hoping for a Soulburner/Starburner videogame...


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Posted (edited)

10 hours ago, Use the Falchion said:

I know many people want it to be a Mistborn or Stormlight videogame, and here I am, hoping for a Soulburner/Starburner videogame...

If I remember correctly, Brandon was supposed to be working on worldbuilding for some external franchise. My personal hope is The Elder Scrolls 6

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