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News Roundup for May 17th, 2022: T-Shirt Design Contest, and Cosmere.es Interview with Isaac Stewart


Brandon's holding a contest to design an Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians-themed T-shirt! Also, the wonderful folks over at Cosmere.es interviewed Brandon's art director Isaac Stewart in the wake of the White Sand omnibus releasing in Spain.

But first, a word from Brandon's progress bars: the final draft of The Lost Metal is at 86%. Once this is done, it'll be sent off to the publishers, and will release in the US and UK on November 15th. (Release dates for other regions vary.)

Onto the main events... to celebrate Bastille vs the Evil Librarians coming out in the fall, Team Dragonsteel is running a T-shirt design contest! The full details are on Brandon's website, and you really should read the terms there if you plan to participate, but here's a summary:

  • When is it running until?
    • 12:00PM Mountain Time on May 31st, 2022
  • What's the prompt?
    • "Think of a personality or quality you consider a fault (messy penmanship, bad spelling, tripping, etc.) and imagine how that “talent” might prove useful in the world of Alcatraz."
  • What are the requirements?
    • Maximum of 3 colors
    • Between 2000 x 2000px and 4200 x 4800 px
    • Minimum 300 ppi
    • Provided as a transparent PNG file
  • How will winners be picked?
    • Team Dragonsteel will hold an internal vote to pick the top 3, and decide on the third-place winner.
    • A public vote will be held via Brandon's various social media accounts to decide between the top two.
  • What will the winners receive?
  • Each of the top three winners will get a cash prize and a gift card to Dragonsteel Books (all amounts in USD):
    • First: $1,000 cash prize + $250 gift card
    • Second: $750 cash prize + $150 gift card
    • Third: $500 cash prize + $100 gift card
  • How will copyright be handled?
    • Full details are available in the announcement post, but in essence, if you are picked as a winner, the copyright is transferred to Dragonsteel Entertainment, although you will be credited as the artist. Otherwise, the work is treated as any other piece of fanart, which is governed by Brandon's general fanworks policy.

Besides that, Cosmere.es (the Spanish Cosmere fansite) held an interview with Isaac Stewart, Brandon's art director (and mapmaker, alphabet designer, etc—he does a lot), in celebration of the Spanish release of the White Sand omnibus edition in Spain! (Which releases in English in November... it's complicated). The interview is in English, with Spanish subtitles, and you can check it out on their YouTube channel or embedded beow:

If you're a Spanish-language speaker, you should definitely check their site out if you haven't already.

Lastly, Brandon's apparently an asteroid now! Reddit user Rukongai recently had a chance to name a minor asteroid, and felt a certain SFF author was a prudent choice.


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