Mistborn Adventure Game is Out + Contest!

You have waited months. Years, really, since the first announcement of it. But you know what? It is finally here. The Mistborn Adventure Game is finally here! You can buy it right here. So the question becomes, do you want to spend your hard earned cash on this?

Of course you do. It’s story based, beautiful artwork... It’s really well done. We’ll be having in depth looks inside it as the week progresses. If that doesn’t persuade you, well, did we mention that there’s new original fiction by Brandon in it? And that inside the book, Brandon wrote annotations on the game and its design process? Are you getting excited yet?

Pricing goes like so:

Digital Edition - $14.99

Softcover Edition - $34.99

Softcover + Digital - $39.99

Hardcover Edition - $44.99

Hardcover + Digital - $49.99

“But Eric,” you ask, “I’m ridiculously excited for this, but I have no money!” Fear not, because we’re doing another contest, this one solely for the RPG! We’re giving away one copy of the Mistborn Adventure Game. By winning, you’ll the digital edition of the game, and a softcover of it when that rolls around.

How do you enter? Just comment below. You’ll need to register/log in to do it, but that’s easy. Double entries are not permitted. The contest will end on Friday, December 23rd at 3pm Pacific time.

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Might as well comment, considering what was asked of me. Maybe I can even get a game going with my own group, hehe.

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One more shot to get this without paying! If this doesn't work out I'm just going to have to get a digital copy :D

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