Late March News Roundup: Kickstarter Update, Skyward 3 Update, and GollanczFest tomorrow!

We've got another weekly news round up, with some brand new news on fulfillment of The Way of Kings Kickstarter, Brandon's weekly update on Skyward 3 and Brandon's event at [email protected] tomorrow!

Kickstarter Update

The Kickstarter news is that for all those that can't get enough of Brandon's work, the physical editions of The Way of Kings Prime have arrived at Dragonsteel HQ! These foiled cloth hardcase covers turned out great and should look really nice on a bookshelf. They are currently in the process of shipping out 20,000 (!) orders to people who ordered both the physical editions of The Way of Kings Prime and Dawnshard via the Kickstarter last summer. For those who ordered only a physical Dawnshard or a physical The Way of Kings prime, they should already be in transit or leaving soon. Backers keep an eye on your emails for shipping details!

Skyward 3 Update:

In the next of Brandon's weekly updates, he's revealed that he's at the 92% mark on Skwyard 3 and has settled on a title, which the publisher will be announcing eventually. The remaining 8% is about 10,000 words in length and he hoped to have it done as of Monday this week. He is hoping to start the 5.0 draft which will be the final revision of the book today. They are also putting up a poll on Twitter and Youtube to see if there would be any interest in a future mini hardcover for Mistborn: Secret History in the same style as the mini hardcovers of Edgedancer and Dawnshard. The results are looking like a firm yes, but feel free to make your voice heard!

[email protected] reading:

In terms of events, Brandon will be attending the virtual [email protected] this year this Saturday with a reading at 10:00 AM GMT (6:00 AM EDT or 3:00 AM PDT for those of us across the pond). He may also be attending the virtual panel at 11:50 AM GMT, the schedule is somewhat unclear. To watch live yourself the link is here ready to go, but the videos will be available for others to watch after the event. Check it out to see what Brandon's reading and maybe find another new favorite author!

That's all for this news round up but if you still can't get enough Brandon, make sure to follow his YouTube account to check out the weekly streams and shorter excerpts from those streams with his thoughts on writing!


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According to Discord #events chat, Brandon's reading at GollanczFest was the RoW prologue and he was not in fact on the panel.


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