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What is your favorite Syl outfit? A fashionable havah, Bridge Four uniform or girlish dress? :P

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17 hours ago, The Wandering Wizard said:


I like the Havah Syl the most :P

It looks like Syl at different ages, and I suppose it at different stages of maturity for her :P

Thank you! Yes, your description fits perfectly with what I felt when I read the books and saw how Syl changes and "grows up"! I wonder what will happen to her in Book 5~

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15 hours ago, Shallan Stormblessed said:

Ooh, I don't know! They're all awesome. Also, did you use the miniature for inspiration for your "youngest" Syl?

Yep, you right! I'm glad that Brotherwise Games are making miniatures with "official" character designs! Syl is very cute! Ah, if only a full-fledged painted figurine were ever released with her too :D

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