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I had a LOT of fun painting this one, though I was nervous about accidentally spoiling something as I was only starting the Oathbringer at the time of painting this. I'm definitely painting more of Stormlight in the future. Maybe Jasnah... or Pattern? I'd love to be commissioned for official art for the future books, that would be the dream!

I also welcome any feedback and critique, both for artistic execution and lore, but keep in mind that there had to be some liberty in putting together Urithiru so low and close to the Shattered plains and Horneater Peaks, for the sake of making the focal pieces clustered [Urithiru + Stormfather above the Shattered Plains] in the center of the painting as requested, for custom book sleeves with for all 4 books. Their spines, when put together, show the center of the painting.

"The most important step a man can take. It's not the first one, is it? It's the next one.
Always the next step."

From the album:

Art of Sasha R

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I know I already commented, but this is breathtaking!

Edit: Hey @Sasha , would you mind if I used it as my banner for a while? I just checked, and it's the perfect size. I'd credit you in my About Me.

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@SKopp I do exactly that for a living! :D Mainly character concept art and illustration
https://sasha_r.artstation.com/  This is my portfolio (and this painting is the latest addition!)

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