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Meet Arkto! Arc-too:D This is how I imagine the Listener Art Form. So far we have seen a boat ton of War Form, and I thought, that’s boring. They don’t do much beyond smash and break. The Art(isan) Form, now that’s more fun, because they can do a lot more stuff!  


But what do they look like, if not in full carapace armor of War Form? I don’t want them to look like human. That make no sense for a species that evolved on another, crustacean-based planet! But the more I add non-human parts, the more they look animalistic instead of civilized. Wait! I know! 4 arms! I often wish I have 4 arms when making stuff - extra arm to catch my-I-mean-their easel and painting from flying off in gale-force gusts, to stop that furnace door from swinging back onto their elbow while carefully keeping the molten glass spinning, to hold up that sun-brella so their brain stops boiling while sketching outside during mid-day, and to sand and chisel simultaneously for instant look at how things are turning out... etc... so many possibilities... 


For a world that is so wet and stormy, I figure most of their art would be water resistant like stone sculpture, oil paint, and since they aren’t short on crem, ceramics. You know what Art Form would play on a piano if they have 4 arms? Woogie Boogie.


And of course they wear skyeel leather as part of their clothing. I don’t see chull shells make comfortable anything other than Klompen :P

From the album:

Natural History of Roshar

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16 hours ago, Karnage said:

So cool! This is fantastic! I have been loving your series Natural History of Roshar.

Yeah, me too. Your animals are great! I wish I could draw as nice as you, @Koloss one day...

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@Emi Draw for the love of it, like Shallan, if that's what you enjoy doing. If not, the same Shallan also said something along the lines of everybody's good at something, while being bad at something else. There's simply too many things to do on Roshar for any one person! 

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1 hour ago, Koloss said:

@R J Which series is Sho Del from? That term is new to me...

It's from Dragonsteel. They're one of the three sapient lifeforms from Yolen, the planet the Shards of Adonalsium's original Vessels and Hoid is from; the other two being humanity & Dragons.

The Sho Del are part of a separate competing ecosystem, called Fainlife which is taking over the planet (much more apparent in the Liar of Partinel), killing Trune life (normal ecosystem). The Fainlife is heralded by something called the Skullmoss whose spores infect & corrupt Trune Life. Fainlife is easily distinguishable from Trune life as it is completely white.

You can read the texts here:










(if you're confused, Bridge 4 was lifted from Dragonsteel to The Stormlight Archive)

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