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Feels good to resume this!

From the album:

Elantris Visual development

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Dashing dress, fine long hair, very tall, crisp colors, and some very interesting use of lines in the design. I like it. It's a good rendition! ^_^

The facial expressions displayed on the right are great and hilarious :D

Also is that Ashi in the air between the front and back views of Sarene?

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I think my favorite part of this is how you made her have a sort of longer face, to compliment how tall and "lanky" our little leky stick is. True to character and very beautiful drawing of her. 

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Fantastic artwork, as always. You're one of my favorite artists here on the site. 

If I could be allowed to make one tiny little critique... Her face looks mannish. With the squared chin and prominent nose she looks kinda like a guy wearing a wig rather than a woman. The faces in the "Sarene Search" image you posted look more feminine to me, because those features are less pronounced (EDIT: The eye shape might have something to do with it, too). 

Other than that, I love it!

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