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For my required theatrical makeup class, we had to make ourselves look like something abstract or fantastical. I went with a Parshendi. Inspired by the photo of actual red marble in the background.

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Illinois State University. The tech department is awesome, I learn all kinds of things. This semester was mostly rigging and metalwork, but makeup was an interesting class. There was a day where I made my face look like it had been sanded, very bloody, very fun.

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Nice. Do you get to do a lot with prosthetics? That was one area where my class didn't cover a whole lot (we didn't really have the facilities) but I did some experimenting on my own outside of class.

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As this was just the basics, no, but there is an advanced makeup class that covers that kind of thing. I'm really considering taking it, but it depends on what else is available as the semesters go on.

But for now, I'm glad to be (almost) on winter break. Ah, relaxation :)

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