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Hello from England


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Good afternoon! America here. Yes, that's right. An abstract concept of a country is greeting you.

Always lovely to see a new face! Hope you enjoy your time here. How'd you find out about Brandon's work?

Thanks dude! Well my cousin first introduced my to him, he recommended I start with Elantris and work my way through his books and conclude with Way of Kings. Great advice that was! my cousin first got into Brandon when he was announced as continuing Wheel of Time.

How about yourself?

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Welcome Skyfire! To all who dont know, skyfire is the guy who asked Brandon the 'Soup' question, so we have a minor celebrity in the house! we salute you, Lord of the Mundane!

the question is can i beat "If you were a soup which soup would you be?"

I'm racking the brain as we speak :) i think i might actually go for a more worth-while question this time

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