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Fear of needles


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So, anyone else here starts hyperventilating whenever you so much as imagine a syringe piercing your skin? 

It's not like misinformation. I know it doesn't hurt, I know I'll barely even feel it, and I know it's not dangerous, heck, I took my first shot already. But that won't make the fear go away. 

Anyway, brb, gotta make a scene as a grown adult surrounded by other adults so I can be immune to this thing. 

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Yeah, IVs definitely sound scarier. With normal shots I can manage to sit down and take it, but it takes effort. Yesterday my breathing was all messed up and my hands got numb when my turn came for some reason. At one point while I was waiting I even got up of my chair out of reflex, like to get out. It's, not nice. 

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