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Planets, Tones, Vacuums, and Scary Void Gods.


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So I've not finished RoW but I just started part 5 and wanted to drop this line of thought before it escaped me. So, we know that to some degree that Shards have difficulty travelling between worlds, and from my understanding the prime reason behind this is when the shard becomes too heavily invested in the planet. But the thought also occurred to me when Navani was creating anti-light with the vacuum, was that the tones wouldn't be able to pass into space. Now at this point (at least where I am in the book) the full extent of the tones relation to the Shards isn't abundantly established, but I'm curious if the shards' tones would be able to be heard in space. Now, I'm not a physicist so correct me if I'm wrong here, but if the tones couldn't be heard in space, would this not be a possible opening to 're-program' the free-flowing investiture of that shard with the corresponding anti-investiture as it exists in a vacuum, assuming that somehow part of that investiture could be captured in some closed vessel (Like... you know.. a spaceship.) Again, I haven't finished RoW so maybe some of this comes up, but maybe this is a way that large amount of anti-light could be generated to splinter a Shard. In fact it would give some reason for a Shard to occupy a Shardworld (beyond my own suspected Dawn-Command to Create) as it would essentially make Shards vulnerable in space. In fact this may be why Ambition's shattering left a spiritual wound as it was more dramatic possibly?

This all also makes me curious how the tones reflect in the Cognitive realm, as the fact that people can talk while between worlds indicates sound can travel there, but maybe that's more how humans think sound would work manifesting in the cognitive realm than sound ACTUALLY being transmitted?


Anyway, this all also leads to my last point, that the existence of anti-investiture and it's method of creation seems to show that investiture's Identity can be removed by removing it from its Tone, and because ultimately the Identity of the 16 shards is just parts of the Identity of Adonalsium, that begs the question of who's Identity is linked to anti-investiture? Is there a big scary void god anti-Adonalsium lurking out in space? Thank you for listening to my TED-ramble.

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