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Everyday Metallic arts


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Got tired of thinking of ways to kill a planet with F-Iron-equipped rods from god, and decided that it would be fun to speculate how Scadrian society can incorporate the Metallic Arts in other aspects of life by Era 3. 

Just in general, I would argue that Allomancy is generally better suited for commercial uses than Feruchemy, at least when comparing the same powers or tasks that can be accomplished with either Allomantic or Feruchemical ability. Supply departments wouldn't need to worry about employees storing attributes without blanking their Identity first, for one. It also ensures that given a certain amount of metal, employees will be able to work for a set time unless they flare too often. You'd have to account for subjective tapping amount/speed with Feruchemy.

What I came up with for conventional, not mechanized, uses:

  • Allomantic and Feruchemical pewter for carrying heavy things. 
  • Fixing things with Allomantic electrum.
  • Schooling with Copperminds, especially if compounding allows to duplicate memories. Could be better than books if duplication is possible and affordable.
  • Feruchemical and Allomantic iron for high-altitude work.
  • Feruchemical zinc for emergency services and better driving.
  • Allomantic roads like in the Final Empire. 
  • Copperminds for taking witness testimonies and treating people who suffered recent mental and/or emotional trauma.
  • Feruchemical bendalloy for (military) rations. Potentially with pictures of foods stored in them, if taste also translates.
  • Feruchemical tin for absolute personal soundproofing.
  • Allomantic iron for finding all of the small screws that roll of the damn table. >:( 

Allomantic and Feruchemical fabrials (ettmetal machines):

  • Allomantic zinc and brass for improving workplace productivity.
  • Feruchemical iron for everything, but vehicles in particular.
  • If you can convert Allomantic pulses from bronze in electric or digital form you get an automated Seeking device that can automatically recognize metals being burned.
  • If you can convert blue lines from Allomantic iron or steel you get an automated metal detector, maybe even a scale for weighing large objects.
  • Feruchemical zinc for "overclocking" computers.
  • Feruchemical brass for cooling everything and helping to overclock computers.
  • Allomantic cadmium for storage. Sounds expensive, though.
  • Allomantic electrum for self-driving cars.
  • "Flying" cars, trains, skateboards.


All thoughts, ideas, and critiques are welcome.

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They use unsealed copperminds as a form of virtual reality. Maybe play games with it or be nice and let people who are permanently paralyzed go for a walk in the park. Another alternative would be to use them as a form of video cameras in courtrooms and etc. 

EDIT: a full Feruchemist could earn a LOT of money by selling copperminds like this. Or they could operate an ultimate security guard.

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