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[Lux full book spoilers] Epic names as metaphors


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Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the names of the Epics in Lux (some of them, anyway) were a metaphor for Jax's life. The theme of the book, as I see it, is revenge, and the way Jax's search for revenge hurts others. Lovestruck, who kills Dan, strikes someone that Jax loves, thus injuring him and igniting his desire for REVENGE. Lifeforce, who himself characterizes revneg in the way when Jax tries to hurt him he instead hurts those he loves, is the force in Jax's life.

ok, so it was just those two, but still! Maybe i'm waxing too philosophical, but does anyone agree with me?

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I never thought about it that way, but that's pretty clever! (And a good way to come up with villain themes and names.) 

I could totally see that being a theme in the main trilogy too, if only for the main villains and how they work:

Steelheart can only be defeated by someone with a "heart of steel"

Firefight has to fight fire in order to save a loved one

Limelight has to learn to step into it, accepting failures and successes, in order to succeed. 

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Now I'll have to go reread the first trilogy and figure out all the Epics.

EDIT: Ok, so I've started searching through (read: reading) Steelheart and Firefight again to list all the Epics. I'll post the list, along with my thoughts, and then everyone else can come up with their own ideas. If I spoiler-box the first one, can we get this thread moved to the main Reckoners forum so those who've read the first 3 but not Lux?

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