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Hello new family!


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I just discovered this site and am blown away. I have just really gotten into reading Sanderson and I'm hooked. I was first introduced to his work at the end of the Wheel of Time series. Then I read the Mistborn Trilogy and am now halfway through Oathbringer. He is definitely becoming my favorite author and finding a place where other Sanderson lovers congregate is awesome. I look forward to my time here!!



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Well so far I have only read Elantris, the first Mistborn Trilogy, and I'm halfway through Oathbringer, the 3rd book in the Stormlight Saga but out of those 6 and a half books I think Words of Radiance is my favorite overall thus far with Hero of Ages a close second. And least favorite character? Man, that's hard to say. Saddeus and his wife are definitely a possibility. As is Meridas Amaram. 

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