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Making more GIFs appear on Telegram and Whatsapp

An Inkspren

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If you use Telegram or Whatsapp you might like to send GIFs.

Problem: There's not enough Cosmere GIFs. The only GIFs you can find on Telegram in large quantities is Kelsier dabbing in Fortnite.

Telegram uses a service called Tenor and Whatsapp uses a service called Giphy to pull their GIFs from.

These services will send Gifs to Telegram/Whatsapp based on the keyword relevance and the popularity of the GIFs. I believe that both service do not show Gifs unless they have been viewed a decent amount of times.

I'm a Telegram user (Tenor GIFs) but the solution should be analogous to Whatsapp (Giphy).

1. I found about 2 dozen gifs online which I would like to appear on Telegram.

2. I uploaded them to Tenor (Cosmere spoilers) : https://tenor.com/users/inkspren

I have tagged all these GIFs with cosmere and mistborn or stormlight plus any other relevant tags.

New Problem : The gifs do not show up when searching cosmere/stormlight/mistborn. This is likely because they have not reached a viewership threshold to be pulled from the API.

This means that the next step of the plan :

3. Start using the GIFs from the link I provided by just copy pasting the gif's link for now (doesn't matter if you paste it on Telegram, Discord or whatsapp, as long as it's used it is good for the algorithm). Hopefully these GIFs will begin to appear normally in Tenor search results.

4. Repeat this experiment but for Giphy Gifs.

If you have any Gifs, feel free to upload them to the services Tenor/Giphy and share them here, I will try to use them to promote their appearance on Telegram and Whatsapp.

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Sorry for bumping into an old conversation. It's great that you're trying to bring more Cosmere GIFs to Telegram and WhatsApp. I checked out the Tenor link you shared, and those GIFs look fantastic! It's possible that they still need to reach the viewership threshold, but don't worry. Remember that there are many platforms for communication, starting with ultramsg.com for work and right to Facebook. I'll start using them and sharing them with friends on different media.

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