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So in an update a couple of days ago Brandon offered a poll regarding the Emperor’s Soul hardcover reprint. You can read the article here, which shows the alternative they are considering. Since the Emperor’s Soul is already included in Arcanum Unbounded, I was wondering if there are plans for an Arcanum Unbounded 2? One which comprises Dawnshard, White Sand 2 & 3, and any other shorter works in the future.

The version of Emperor’s Soul on my Shelf is AU, and since the poll was regarding fan preference in bookshelf consistency… well I figured I’d voice my preference.

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Welcome to the Shard!

The short answer is that Brandon will most likely do an Arcanum Unbounded 2 and Dawnshard would be part of it, but it won't happen until he has enough material to build a full book around.



Will [Dawnshard] be available to buy in hardcover later?

Brandon Sanderson

Yeah, it should be. We are probably only going to print for the Kickstarter, starting. As part of the Kickstarter, you get the ebook; everybody gets that. And then those who have ordered it will get the print book. I assume we'll have hardcovers on our store for sale. I assume we'll print enough that we can have some for sale.

One warning I'll make to you is that if I do an Arcanum Unbounded 2, we would put this as one of the anchor stories in that. So if you prefer to collect them in physical form in the collections, you can get the ebook now as part of the Kickstarter, and then you could wait for the physical form until later to get it in the collection. But we do have these nice ones that'll match the Edgedancer hardcover, if you'd rather have nice little hardcovers on your shelf. And my guess is that we'll do a printing with Tor as well to have bookstore distribution.

There probably will be an audiobook of it. My guess is that we would do an audiobook first, just of it, and then we would eventually do an audiobook of the full Arcanum Unbounded 2. If and when I end up writing that. The thing about Arcanum Unbounded 1, I had a bunch of stories waiting to be published in that. This would be the first, I think, new Cosmere story since Arcanum Unbounded. So it's probably a number of years away before we would get to a number 2. There will be a collection someday, I would bet; but I have to write a bunch more stories to go in it, first.

YouTube Livestream 12 (July 16, 2020)


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