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Plate Spren


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So. We saw in RoW, finally, how Shardplate is "made".

The windspren that always staned Kaladin turned out to be the Windrunners "Platespren"

We see some similar behaviour from Gloryspren towards Dalinar as early as in WoK when he beats Elhokar in a race, and later on in OB when he rejects Odium´s offer to take away his pain. In both instances Gloryspren surrounded him much like Windspren surround Kaladin.

So we can assume that Gloryspren are Bondsmith´s Platespren

My question is what are the other order´s Platespren?

I can guess Edgedancers have Lifespren and Lightweavers would have Creationspren

But what about the rest?

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  1. Windrunners: Windspren
  2. Lightweavers: Creationspren
  3. Elsecaller: Logicspren
  4. Bondsmith: Gloryspren
  5. Edgedancer: Lifespren
  6. Skybreaker: Gravityspren
  7. Truthwatcher: ?
  8. Dustbringer: Flamespren?
  9. Stoneward: I’ve seen it floated around that it could be painspren
  10. Willshaper: ? …maybe starspren, I’m not basing it off anything but it’s a thought

Not really sure about any of this except first 5

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Added to Willshaper because I’ve seen that said by others before
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