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Savantism on the spiritweb


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So Ive been into the cosmere for a while and have been searching the forums for this but I can't find any answers. 

Savantism is the end result of overflaring metals too often and damaging the spiritweb as a result yes?

Questions are:

How exactly does it damage the spiritweb?

How does savantism itself occur in relation to preservations power and the metals as a conduit when burning?

How long does it take to become a savant?

Those are a few I thought up. New here, hope this piques someone's interest


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Aight, fast answers.

1. The spirit web adapts around the constant flow of power and becomes dependent on it.

2. It is the flow of Preservation's power that does the warping of the spiritweb.

3. We don't know.

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