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Help me find a specific talk by Sanderson

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I remember seeing a video of Brandon talking about being good vs being successful, about how we like to think that we build our success, but luck also has a part in it, and sometimes people are very good but they still are not recognized. And he advise that people work for themselves, for their self-improvement; this way, even if society does not recognize them, they still got their goal. he talked about writing and publishing, but it could be adapted to pretty much any career.


I have a friend who's a researcher in physics, lately his academic career has been going downhill for no fault of his own, and i would like to show him the video, it may cheer him up.

But I can't find it. I tried for some keywords, but there are just too many videos with sanderson, about similar topics, and I can't find the one.

Can someone please help me help my friend? thanks

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