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Ruin and Copperminds


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Ruin can’t see metals, right? This is why the LR was able to hide the Atium in between the Allomantic metals

So why was Ruin able to alter what a Coppermind said? Shouldn’t that be to bright for him to see?

Is it because it is Feruchemil and Ruin is more Connected to that?

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He is not changing the information inside the Metalmind. He is corrupting the information as it is being transferred from mind to Metalmind. 


In the Well of Ascension, Kwaan says that Ruin changed the words in the Feruchemists' metalminds. Ruin can't *inaudible* metal plates. I was wondering what the difference was?

Brandon Sanderson

Because they're in the person's head before they're going in the plates. And he can affect the power as it's transcribed between. Because the power is partially him, the Power of Creation of that world. So there is a bit of him inside of every person, and as the power is going from person into plate... It's kind of like how people can hack your phone through your wifi. Does that make sense? So, that's what's going on there.

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