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Fabrial Development Equivalent


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I cam across this inforgraphic recently that lays out the milestone timeline of the development of electricity-based science and technology.  We often try to pin down the Real World Equivalent of a cosmere world's culture or technology (which is usually less straightforward than one might first expect).  

Reading through it, I propose that Rosharan Fabrial Technology was languishing in the 1700's until Navani came along to play the role of Michael Faraday, the one without a formal science education who never-the-less consolidated a bunch of pieces of knowledge, dispel a lot of the persistent misunderstandings, and provide unified theories of function that led to a huge boom of Invention and technological advancement.







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 I didn't realize that innovation stopped in 2012. I guess that was what the Mayans were predicting.

I like the implications of this. Navani is clearing up the myths, unifying principles and bringing the artifabrian community together. The difference is there is already a lot of technology out there. Spanreeds, glowbulbs, heating fabrials. 

If Navani isn't disrupted too much by the war we could find Rosharan technology equivalent to the 1890s by the end of SA. That puts them just 100ish years off of modern technology.


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