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We're so lucky to be experiencing Brandon Sanderson's books right now!


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This is just an observation but I feel that we're so very fortunate to be experiencing Brandon's Cosmere and other books the way that we are. By that, I mean I'm glad we need to wait between book releases and can't just read everything back-to-back. We get to discuss ideas, theories, etc. between every book. As long as you are caught up to the most recent book, there's no possibility for spoilers.

I was watching a video where the person was discussing the Wheel of Time series and they were mentioning that they couldn't discuss theories with people or even Google anything while they were reading it. Even typing a person's name in a search bar would reveal huge spoilers. Those of us that grew up reading it got much more enjoyment BETWEEN books that people today can't have.

So, we're very lucky that we can come on here and discuss, guess, theorize, and enjoy the time in-between books. The next generation won't get to do that.

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I'm not a person who cares about spoilers, and spoilers improve my experience of a series so that part is less critical to me. But I really appreciate the community aspect — I've been part of dead fandoms before and being part of a thriving community even as Sanderson keeps releasing new books is, as you say, an experience that people after us won't really be able to have. 

There's something about being caught in the thick of it I suppose. When anything feels possible and when the biggest fights were over Adolin and Taln's missing Honourblade. I'm not so active on 17S anymore though we have crossed paths ( :P ) but I'll always have fond memories of the massive speculation period right after WoR was released. 

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I was talking about this the other day.  I'm used to coming to the party, so to speak, long after the books are released, or I hear about the series during final-book release hype and starting the series as said final book is coming out.  Getting to experience the anticipation, theorizing, and general excitement is incredible.

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Yeah. Even if I don't post anything, I'm on here a few times a week, lurking. Especially this past year; I work at an assisted living facility, so this community is where I can stop stressing about whether a stray cough means the someone who has been ignored I am listening to is going to die. "I will remember those who have been forgotten" has never hit harder for me, and this group of people keeps me going.

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Of course, there is a higher rate of disappointment with the waits ;)

Aggregate ratings for series books after the first one tend to decrease with each passing book. At least right after release. Give the book time and new readers that did not need to wait and that rating will rise... provided the book isn't actual garbage! 

Just my observations with other series. 

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