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Help with Spanish covers


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Hey! I don't know if this post corresponds to this forum, but I wanted to know if anyone here knows the typeface that Brandon's name uses on the covers of his books in Spain, published by NOVA. I make covers in Spanish (because it's my language) to spend my free time, and although I have a PNG with the "Brandon Sanderson" that the Spanish covers have, it is not the same as having the font / typography.

I have searched in Whatfontis and got two similar fonts: "Parkson Personal Use" and "Equal Sand Demo" but I tried both and they are not the same used by Spanish covers. If anyone knows what source it is, or can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I also know of some fonts used by American and British covers, in case anyone wants to know.

The attached image is the Spanish cover of The Hero of Ages, thanks!


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@Rashekin, the closet I could find was ITC Roswell Std 4, to get it exactly like the cover font you would have to edit the glyphs a smidgen, but it's pretty darn close.



The S is the glyph that would need the most work, but the x heights on the A and E glyphs look right, and that is the R glyph for sure.

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