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What will Vashers Purpose be?


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I'm wondering what everyone thinks Vashers Purpose will be.

I thought it might have been to bring Nightblood to Roshar but it looks like there was a WOB saying he hadn't fulfilled his purpose yet.

It would be interesting to see Vasher get ahold of


a Dawnshard. Or possibly a second one if the theory that a Destroy Dawnshard was used to create Nightblood is true.

For anyone who has read WOK prime, can you confirm or deny if Vasher did something significant enough to qualify?

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I'm guessing it will be an era 4 thing... or that he will play a big role in SA's back 5.

I also feel as if "the purpose" involves a specific use of their divine breath, so perhaps he will save someone's life or sacrifice himself to make some big change with his Divine Breath. Before that moment though, I've always considered each action he takes to be part of his 'purpose' I think Endowment is wayyyy more involved than they let on!

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The Returneds purposes tend to be a pretty specific moment. Not to say there can't be character development leading up to it but we haven't seen more esoteric examples, like 'doing good deeds'. From what we've seen it can involve sacrificing themselves but sometimes they just fulfill their purpose then go on to live a life without purpose. I think that Vashers purpose is going to be something significant and since he started as a stormlight character it will likely happen in stormlight. 

Of course, it would be so fitting for Vasher to do some small thing and realise he had fulfilled his purpose after hundreds of years. Just standing there shocked like, "this is what you brought me back for, edgli?'

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11 hours ago, KSub said:

Hmm, maybe not. I thought it was in the text but maybe I misremembered that.

I suppose it's entirely possible. I don't see a reason that the Divine breath would be the only way that a returned could fulfil their purpose. We only really have Lightsong as a reference though so it's tough to say one way or another..

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