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Cultivation's Motives


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In light of the events of RoW, I think this is a salient question to ask.

How much is Cultivation's Vessel still 'herself'? How much has the Intent of the Shard of Cultivation subsumed her? Does she still feel love for her children - the Nightwatcher, the Sibling, etc.? Do these feelings motivate her own actions, or is something else driving her? 

And if so - what -is- driving her?

Personally, it seems to me like from what Cultivation is doing - using Sja-anat, influencing several of Odium's key players to her side - that she is playing very dirty. In essence, she was seriously working against Odium. But why is she then teaching Taravangian how to use his powers? Has she forgotten what the power of Odium did and the pain of losing a loved one? Or is this something else?

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Well, it seems like the Oathpact would be antithetical to Cultivation's purposes. Humanity and the Singers were locked in an eternal and repetitive war that prevented change and progress, and IMO she ideally wants that cycle to end to fulfil her intent.

If containment (Oathpact) is no longer an option, then that leaves changing Odium drastically or eliminating (Shattering) him. Her gambit so far has resulted in her co-opting Rayse's champion for her lover's legacy, and her child (Urithiru) being liberated which forced him to end the repetitive war between human and Singers that ultimately killed Tanavast. Her pawn then murdered Rayse and replaced him. It may blow up in her face, but if she wanted to satisfy both her Shard's intent as well as her personal drive to honour and avenge her lover, then it seems to tick all the boxes and we know she's risk taker from when Dalinar visited her.

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Those are excellent questions.  All I will add right now is that, so far, it's been very easy to view Cultivation as a force for "good" simply because of how evil Odium is.  This may turn out to be an egregious oversimplification.  Regarding the Vessel's personality, how much do we know about Koravellium Avast?  All *I* know is what I've read in the Coppermind, and I don't even know where that information came from.

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I feel like cultivation had issues with Rayse. It was his choice to kill/shatter shards. It's been a theme in stormlight that honor isnt inherently good nor is odium evil. It's whos at the wheel that makes the choices. The shards may influence the holder but they still are in charge. So by taking out Rayse and giving odium to mr T her issue has been removed. I see it as a king killing the enemy king and putting one of their own on the throne. With a king that's on her side the "war" could end. So far her plan is working. But like they pointed out she can see the future but not whats inside a person. Her plan could still backfire if Mr. T takes the lessons just to turn on her. 

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