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Crackpot theory about Adonalsium, Dawnshard, Kaladin, and Dalinar


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The Dawnshard "Unity" was shattered by Odium as an attempt to prevent any shards from being remade. Dalinar is reforging the Dawnshard "Unity." When Odium screams at Dalinar, "We killed you!" He is referring to when he and the other shards killed Adonalsium as he see's a shadow of Adonalsium and the power he held in Dalinar.

Rayse destroyed the "Unite" Dawnshard to prevent anyone from reforming any splintered shards.

*If* this is the case, Dalinar is reforming the Unity dawnshard. Once done, he will have the capacity to recreate shards that have been splintered AND the ability to bind all shards into one person, which is why he hears the command "Unite them," which is an order to eventually Unite all the Shard again, whether in one person or united in purpose. 

Eventually he will reform the Honor shard and it will be picked up by Kaladin. He will also have the capacity to remake Dominion and Devotion as well as Ambition.

Crackpot theory, I know. But does anyone have any thoughts?

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