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Death Rattles & The Contest


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I know a lot of people have been looking at the "I hold the suckling child in my hands" Death Rattle, but as I went through them again I saw another that might indicate the outcome of the Contest.


"He must pick it up, the fallen title! The tower, the crown, and the spear!"

From my perspective, it seems that this rattle is referring to the death of Dalinar with Kaladin being his sucessor. The tower refers to Urithiru, the crown is Dalinar as highking, and the spear is Kaladin's own position as the soldier. If Dalinar does die/become a Fused, and if Kaladin survives the next book/swears his Fifth Ideal (relating to leadership), then this could be a good fit. My one issue is that Kal has been a soldier his entire life, and so I don't know if he would be a good king, but this does seem like the next logical step for him (as we saw in RoW he's stepping away from the battle to assume greater duties. Don't forget Dalinar had the same line of thinking with his Bondsmith abilities).

I know this was the assumption of many on the forums previously, but I just wanted to remind everyone that this was still here. Let me know if you have any thoughts.

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I believe I've said it in another thread as well, but I've always assumed the popular consensus for this death rattle was the battle at the Tower in Way of Kings. It fits incredibly well with Kaladin's swearing of the first oath "life before death, strength before weakens, journey before destination."

Fallen title - the fallen title of the Knights Radiant (since their reputation had been tarnished for years) 

The tower, the crown -  House Kholin glyph pair representing him saving Dalinar, Adolin, and the rest of the Kholin army

The spear - Kaladin choosing to stand up and fight (since he was gravely wounded, left at the sidelines to watch his men rush in to attempt to save the Kholins) and quite literally grabbing a spear from the ground on his way to jump in the fray


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I love it. Great parallels with how Jezrien the Windrunner Herald was a king and overall leader of the Heralds.

Kaladin even likely has the popular support to become king since the people of the tower see him as a living legend after Raboniel's occupation.

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