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Who hoid has interacted with


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Who has good interacted with the most, as in like meaningful character moment interaction like his stories to kaladin not like him showing up as adolin and shallans carriage driver just because.

because I feel like it’s probably kaladin or shallan thinking about it which to me I plus something important in their future.

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2 hours ago, i’m in the details said:

I would say equally shallan, kaladin, and jasnah. Maybe more so jasnah but not onscreen. Between shallan and kaladin I’d say it’s a toss up

Yeah but idk how much for jasnah its like character interest I need to be here stuff, i feel like jasnah is more a personal project than a “I need to be here” thing like it is with kaladin and shallan who it seems like he has interacted with more than anyone else I believe he has done it three times meaningfully with both one for shallan was off screen 

i also think it significant kaladin asked him for a story

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