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Nale's exact level of power


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Considering how Nale easily defeated Szeth, I wonder how would 4th oath Kaladin fare against the Herald?

Other than that, I now wonder if Nale is in fact the most dangerous surgebinder on Roshar atm? By dangerous I'm not regarding to the raw power as a whole, but instead only restricted in the field of melee combat or straight up fight. 

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Nale has seven millennia of combat and leadership experience and has been a 5th Ideal Radiant for who knows how long. I would say it's a safe bet that he is the most dangerous Surgebinder on Roshar. He most likely was between Ishar and Taln in combat ability as well and I'd wager closer to Taln than Ishar. He's also very single minded in what he does, this might be a boon or a bane depending on the circumstances though. 

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He should be able to beat Kaladin in a straight fight. 7000 years of combat experience, dual wielding an honorblade and living shardblade, living shardplate, 5 oaths spoken, and the ability to summon stormlight from nowhere.

He just got chumped because Lift is a child. 

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