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One of the Dawnshards is different from the others...


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I’ve been seeing many different ideas of what the other 3 Dawnshards are.  Here’s my take.


I think the Change Dawnshard is the one that is different from the others.  

First, Adonalsium created everything; The physical realm, using one of the Dawnshards.  

Then, he gave everything a cognitive aspect, creating the Cognitive Realm with another Dawnshard.


Next he gave everything a spiritual, aka creating the Spiritual Real with the 3rd Dawnshard.  Doesn’t have to necessarily be in this order.  Might make more sense to give spirit to things first.


1. Let there be light type of command (physical)

2.  Think (cognitive)

3.  Feel? (Spirit)

4. Change (allow things to interact between realms and grow, evolve, die etc)



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