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This book is wild


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Remember the way you felt when Sadeas, the main villain of the first two books, abruptly died at the end of Words of Radiance? Remember the feeling of that ending? That ending has nothing on the ending of Rhythm of War. Huh. I had started writing this with the intent of venting or something, but there's just too much. This book was freaking fantastic. Kaladin starting to revolutionize the care and study of mental illness would have been enough to blow my mind and make me jump up and down like I'm two. There's so much more in this book. Wow. Also, when I realized that Sazed was writing those epigraphs? Mind blowing. We've been teased about Roshar's connection to the wider Cosmere with little details for ages now, and having so much more information about Stormlight, Roshar's Investiture, etc. is so awesoooooome. It also never occurred to me that the Heralds could have been hiding out in Shadesmar. I suppose that could have been obvious.


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1 minute ago, Necessary Eagle said:

It's very very heavily implied that Thaidakar is Kelsier. I don't know what the "avatar" business is about, but I doubt it's the Autonomy sort of avatar; the pieces fit Kell too well.

Have you finished the book?

Wait, yeah. I see it now. It could very well be Kelsier. 

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