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Stone has memory


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The final section of the Ars Arcanum is about Stoneshaping. The author goes into the Willingness, Connection and Command involved of getting stone to reshape itself as the surgebinder wishes. In the Connection section, he talks about stone being able to "reach back through generations of Connection to display events, feelings, emotions and ideas from long ago."

Making this quick:

  1. The Storm distributes Stormlight and crem.
  2. Crem taints water; however, it is speculated that this tainted water provides the material for Roshar creatures to grow gemhearts.
  3. Crem also builts up on everything and is the primary component of the surface of Roshar.
  4. Eventually, the crem gets built upon and compressed by the layers above it, turning into stone.
  5. The stone has memory.
  6. I believe crem, therefore stone, is Connected to Cultivation, making it much easier to shape per the surgebinder's Intent and their own Connection to Cultivation through the Bond.


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Cultivation also apparently has very good future-sight, so perhaps she's just very Connected to the flow of time in general (makes sense given the Intent), and that Crem's connection to her gives it a proxy Connection to the flow of Time that Stoneshaping can access to an extent, almost like Gold Allomancy with extra steps.

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If the crem is distribuited by stormfather, wouldnt it be connected to honor?

anyways. good theory, now that you say that i really feel like the connection to crem could be possible. anyways, i wonder if this has to do with the whole, Shins Treating Stone As Holy thing. well, we'll probably discover in the next book if it is, seeing as we're heading to shinovar.

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