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Lift as Dalinar's Champion?


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So I was re-reading that really sad Lift interlude in RoW and was curious about one line. Pattern is measuring her height and she exclaims, "That's almost a full inch since last time." I don't know exactly how often Lift is checking her height but this feels regular. So it looks like Lift is growing really fast. Almost as if Cultivation's gift is fading. Hmmm, when have we seen that before. Looks like Cultivation is back to pruning. We know Cultivation loves setting things up for events far in the future. I think this interlude is setting Lift up for a major role in KoWT (Stormlight 5 if you haven't seen the reflection theory). From here it's mostly speculation for major roles Lift could play in the next book. One idea is that she could go with Kaladin and Szeth traveling to Shinovar. We've seen Lift and Szeth before and that was really fun. She could also end up being Dalinar's champion. It would be interesting to see Dalinar struggle with not being able to fight Odium himself. Also, we've seen that Lift has some strange power in the Odium visions back in Oathbringer. 


So what do you think? Will Lift be a main character in Stormlight 5? Will Dalinar actually end up being his own champion or will his stepping-down arc continue?

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I think this is an interesting theory but if the duel of champions is literally a duel, I don't think Lift has a chance since she isn't attuned to dueling. (If it is an unconventional duel, possibly Lift could be) 

However I do agree Dalinar probably will not be the champion since he has become quite passive and more the strategist. 
However Nightblood, Szeth's sword, will most likely be the weapon used in the duel. 
I would be interesting to see if the one who duels, does it without Radient gifts. I don't think that would happen but it could be cool. 

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Branderson has said Lift will be an important (and flashback) character at the back five stormlightboks, that is, the arc afterthis one- books 6-10. the thing is, i do not know how to interpert this- to me it means its either very likely she will be Dalinar's champion, or not likely at all, depending on how you spin it.

Anyways I hope it is the lift-szeth buddy cop comedy we were all memeing about after Oathbringer.

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Cultivation’s gift was never for her to stop growing though. Lift just misinterpreted it and thought that’s what it would be. Her actual gifts of converting food to life light and seeing the cognitive realm is still going strong. Also I’m not convinced an inch is a huge amount since we don’t know how often she’s measuring. Google says people grow 2 inches a year in puberty which she’s definitely in, plus Rosharans are taller. I’m pretty sure she still won’t be a major player until the back half, and is definitely not champion material if Kaladin isn’t. Her shard blade won’t even turn in to an actual weapon at his point.

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