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All right. This is something I once thought of: is there a theme for each metal that can fit through the Metallic Arts? I know that tin seems to have one - senses - but I'm trying to find a general pattern to all the metals. I don't have a specific idea, but I think we should work in the general direction of pushing/pulling metals. 

Here is the list of what metals do in each Metallic Art:

Iron - A: pulls on metals. Fe: stores weight. H: steals strength. 

Steel - A: pushes on metals. Fe: stores physical speed. H: steals physical allomantic powers. 

Tin - A: enhances senses. Fe: stores senses. H: steals senses. 

Pewter - A: enhances strength and balance. Fe: storing physical strength. H: steals physical feruchemical powers. 

Zinc - A: riots emotions. Fe: stores mental speed. H: steals emotional fortitude. 

Brass - A: soothes emotions. Fe: stores warmth. H: steals cognitive feruchemy. 

Copper - A: hides allomantic pulses. Fe: stores memory. H: steals mental fortitude, memory, and intelligence

Bronze - A: allows to hear allomantic pulses. Fe: stores wakefulness. H: steals mental allomancy. 

Aluminum - A: wipes internal allomantic reserves. Fe: stores Identity. H: removes all powers. 

Duralumin - A: quickly burns any burning metals in powerful burst. Fe: stores connection. H: steals connection and identity. 

Chromium - A: wipes out target's allomantic reserves. Fe: stores furtune. H: might steal destiny? 

Nicrosil - A: enhances allomantic burn of target. Fe: stores investiture. H: steals investiture. 

Gold - A: shows past self (or alternative present self). Fe: stores health. H: steals hybrid feruchemy. 

Electrum - A: shows possible future of the burner. Fe: stores determination. H: steals enhancement allomancy. 

Cadmium - A: slows down time. Fe: stores breath. H: steals temporal allomancy. 

Bendalloy - A: speeds up time. Fe: stores energy. H: steals spiritual feruchemy. 

Proceed to read the spoiler with caution - it's not too spoilery, but it always pays to be cautious. 


I started a similar thread once on the RoW spoiler board, because reasons (and anyone who read enough knows why). When I'll be able, I will put a link, in case you have RoW-spoiling ideas. 


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I actually put this a few days ago but be warned there are some RoW spoilers.  All info is from the epigraphs(no plot) but if you have not read it yet be careful.


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You're idea is interesting, though you sometimes ignored the hemalurgic power, so it helps, but not quiet enough.

Anyway, here's a link to the topic I started about it.IIRC there were interesting ideas over there, but I don't think it was anything too large. Be wary, this thread consists spoilers for RoW part 1.

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