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Not nearly enough Sigzil


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My wait for Sigzil to have a larger role in the series continues. I had believed that with him taking charge of the Windrunners and Kaladin being benched that we would finally get to spend more time with Sigzil but no, that didnt happen at all. We still don't know how and why he became a Worldsinger or who he tried to murder. We haven't even seen any interaction between Sigzil and Wit even though theyre right there together.

Well, 6 books to go.....maybe Sigzil is a character queued up for those other books or maybe his tile and connection to Wit are meaningless and were introduced for no reason. Any other Sigzil fans out there left wanting more?


Side note: I wonder if he's now wearing a longcoat like Kaladin instead of his standard uniform. 

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