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Recruiting Multilingual Individuals


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This is a language experiment similar to Viossa, if you've heard of that. The experiment shall entail several individuals each speaking a different language while trying to reach common understanding. Each individual must select one language that all other individuals do not know. This experiment shall occur over Discord, so those of you without shall not be able to partake. Invite link: https://discord.gg/vdzDzmgj8a

Taken Languages


Mandarin - @Gears

Spanish - @Quinn0928

German - Quinn [They plan on doing Spanish, but they understand German]



"Will this require voice chat?" Probably, unless you want to learn languages via text.


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2 hours ago, LiftIRL said:

Would this require voice chat? If not, I can volunteer for Hebrew. I know 2-weeks-of-duolingo level german, but I don't think that will interfere.

I'm afraid it probably will, unless you want to learn language through only text. 

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