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Sorry if this has been posted, but I saw many of the posts here included RoW spoilers and I haven't read that yet (2 days shipping is now going on 6 days, with delivery on day 8 now).  ALso please keep that in mind for any response - RAFO works too if it's in RoW somewhere lol.


I can't recall if it was WoK or WoR, but I recall someone saying something along the lines of how can they win without the Dawnshards. 

We've seen only the one now. It got me thinking, do you think others of the 4 are also on Roshar? Any thoughts on if it was all 4 at one time, or just more than one? 

Or am I totally mis-remembering and it was only ever singular when mentioned before?

Other thing I wanted to get some thoughts on - little cosmere spoiler-ish maybe? so I'll hide it just in case. 


 The metals chart was broken into 4, then those broken again into 4. Exactly like how the Dawnshard Mural was described. All these years, people have been trying to pair shards like Ruin and Preservation were paired...  What if it's groups of 4 governed by a Command?   

Like Andolosium was first split into 1/4ths, and then sundered again into 16ths; at the 1st splitting they shard broke apart based on the Command used(?).   

I could see cultivation, ruin, possibly autonomy, all falling into "Change" as a group.  I have no speculation on what the other groups might be.


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